About Fiona

Back in 1994 I managed an integrated publishing system in the West End of London producing weekly, monthly and yearly publications for the book trade. I felt frustrated and stuck in my life and had no idea how to move forward. Then I discovered a local Wu Style Tai Qi class which set in motion a process of transformation which continues to this day.

“The feeling of a deep connection & oneness with existence gave me back the trust in life & myself.”
Anando Würzburger – In your center you are whole & untouched

I studied Western Psychology at Birkbeck University, Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy in Nottingham and then returned to East Asian medicine and began a three year training course in Shiatsu Japanese bodywork at the London College of Shiatsu. I opened practices in East Finchley and Belsize Village, North London and continued training with post graduate courses such as Shiatsu during Pregnancy.

Wanting to learn more about East Asian medicine and offer more to my clients, I studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and undertook a clinical apprenticeship at Asanté Academy of Oriental Medicine in London. I then returned to the Japanese arts and studied Japanese Acupuncture in Amsterdam with Steven Birch & Junko Ida, moxibustion with Junji Mitzutani in Barcelona and began observing in clinics in Japan thanks to the kindness of Shuho Taniuchi and Edward Obaidey. I have continued learning with Edward in his busy Tokyo teaching clinic and am enormously grateful to him for allowing me to benefit from his deep knowledge, understanding and generosity. I also attend regular training workshops to further develop my skills and understanding.

My physical, dietary and spiritual needs have evolved and changed as I have grown older. My current focus is on increasing my internal Ki and practicing discretion in where/how I expend my energy. I practice “Standing Like a Tree” Qi Gong and meditate daily to build internal strength and increase focus.

My clients come to me for a wide range of issues including musculo-skeletal problems such as back, neck, shoulder or knee pain, migraines and headaches, anxiety and insomnia as well as chronic issues such as fatigue, poor digestion, ME and Parkinson’s, and for support during and following orthodox cancer treatment. Pre-conceptual support, menstrual irregularities, labour preparation and support during pregnancy are some of the most common concerns amongst women.

“I learned to listen to the wisdom of my body & to follow its voice, and discovered the ways my body knows how to heal itself.”
Anando Würzburger – In your center you are whole & untouched