Nourishing Life (YangSheng)

‘A drop of prevention is worth a bucket load of cure.’

I think most people understand that the tools of my trade include metal needles which will be inserted at a variety of places around the body – and it’s to be expected that this will trigger a few questions in the first session.

Common questions regarding acupuncture

“How does it work?” is a firm favourite, closely followed by “What are you doing?” or more specifically “What acupuncture point is that?”. Whilst most questions stem from a place of genuine curiosity – sometimes the client is simply a bit nervous.

“Now that I’m feeling better, how often should I come?”

As the client’s symptoms improve, they often ask me “Now that I’m feeling better, how often should I come?” This is a good question.

The Western model is to seek treatment when we’re suffering. The ancient Eastern model was to preserve health by nurturing body, mind and spirit in harmony with the natural rhythms and universal law. “Nourishing Life” (yangsheng) is an ancient Chinese tradition comprising various self-cultivation practices directed towards health and longevity (meditation, Qi Gong, diet, acupuncture etc). By living in harmony with universal principals and natural rhythms we create health, and by living in disharmony we create disease. It becomes clear that health is not the absence of illness, but a philosophy of living.

“Yang” – is to nourish, nurture, take care of, cultivate
“Sheng” – means life, birth, vitality

Together, ‘Yang Sheng‘ means to ‘nourish life’ – to actively cultivate health and vitality in our relationship with ourself and with our external world.

How you live your life shapes your health… or your illness. According to Daoism, acupuncture can help cultivate a healthier expression of these universal rhythms and principles within a person and this health is subsequently reflected in their lives and relationships.

Returning to the original question ‘now that I’m feeling better, how often should I come?’ – we now want to focus on the cultivation of nourishing practices which could include reflective practices such as meditation, ensuring there is a healthy balance between rest and activity, a good support network, and making sure there is joy and laughter in your life. In regard to acupuncture treatment, I usually recommend clients book a session with me about every 4 weeks or so. This will help nourish and support you in your life.

June 18, 2018

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April 7, 2014

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June 9, 2012