EBTA Workshop 2012 – London

I’ve just finished this year’s European Branch Toyohari Workshop which was held in East London two minutes walk from Spitalfields Market (an interesting part of town for Londoner’s and our overseas visitors!) from 14th – 16th of September. Our instructors from Japan were Taniuchi-sensei (I observed in his clinic last September in Japan), Abe-sensei and Kasumi-sensei (who was also at the EBTA workshop in 2010 in Lucerne). They all worked tirelessly and enthusiastically from 9am to 6pm to demonstrate, instruct and advise us on how to improve our treatments. As usual, about 80% of each day was dedicated to practice sessions of needling, determination of the ‘sho’ or pattern to be treated, and ‘kozato’ practice where we treat a ‘patient’ and receive feedback on our touch, point location, and needling. We spent the remaining 20% of the day listensing to lectures from each of the sensei. Taniuchi-sensei gave an excellent lecture on constitutional types, how to judge them and their influence of patient behaviour and treatment. We also had time to experiment using the zanshin, enshin and teishin – several of the ancient ‘9 needles’ which are still used in Japan.

September 18, 2012