Facial Treatments

Being beautiful means being healthy, relaxed and vibrant.

Japanese Facial Massage

Japanese facial massage is a blend of traditional East Asian concepts and modern facial methods. Muscle kneading, rapid percussive movements, finger pressure, and stroking techniques are combined with acupressure and lymphatic drainage aimed at restoring a healthy glow and relaxed expression. This wonderfully relaxing yet energising treatment includes an acupressure based head, neck, shoulder and foot massage so that your whole body is treated, not just your face!

Why facial massage?

The face is a complex network of muscles which are constantly in use (smiling, chewing, laughing, yawning) and begin to collect tension. This eventually causes constriction of muscle tissue and decreased circulation to the surface tissues. When blood is unable to circulate properly through these tissues, the facial tissue near the surface begins to die, and loses its natural elasticity. While facials are not a miracle worker, they are a very soothing, non-invasive way to let go of the tension held in your face that may be contributing to wrinkles, headaches, migraines, and neck pain.

Japanese facial massage comprises five stages:

  1. acupressure based massage to the neck, scalp and shoulders to increase blood circulation to the face and reduce tension
  2. a detailed facial massage using an oil and shea butter based organic cleansing balm
  3. application of a mask, and time for an acupressure based foot massage
  4. working more than 30 acu-points and 8 meridians on the face and neck
  5. lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins

Facial Massage for Face and Neck Pain

Facial and neck pain is a common experience among people who clench their jaws, grind their teeth or just sit at a computer for long hours leading to headaches, migraines and jaw pain. This massage can be used to target this type of facial and neck tension or pain. In this instance, the mask and foot treatment is replaced with more massage techniques aimed at relaxing these areas and increasing blood flow and reducing muscle tension.

Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture draws on ancient oriental medicine techniques to improve appearance. It aims to address the visible signs of ageing as well as improve general well being.

Insertion of needle at Yin Tang

As with all acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture focuses on balancing the body’s overall energy, encourageing the flow of Ki and Blood to the face through gently inserted ultra fine needles at carefully selected areas on the face, head and body. Treatment finishes with a relaxing acupressure facial massage.

A 1996 report from the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture stated that among 300 cases treated with Facial Acupuncture, 90% had marked effects after one course of treatment, including the skin becoming delicate and fair, improvement of elasticity of facial muscle and levelling of wrinkles, a rosier complexion and overall improvement in patient health.

A course of treatment usually consists of 6 weekly sessions. Results may be seen as early as the 2nd or 3rd session, but become more noticeable and lasting after the 6th session. Each person responds differently, depending on age, health condition and lifestyle choices. For these reasons, results for some may be more or less dramatic than for others. Following the initial course of treatment, monthly maintenance sessions can help to prolong the results. The benefits of a monthly maintenance program are not limited to the face as they aim to improve the body’s overall health and vitality.