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“As a pregnant woman in her last trimester I was feeling exhausted, had severe back pain and was generally lacking in energy. My iron levels were also low which wasn’t helping. I started seeing Fiona and noticed the difference straight away. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the sessions, the relaxation I achieved during the session was amazing. I saw immediate improvements in my overall health, energy and my back pain lessened. Fiona is very intuitive and has a great sense of knowing her clients, I enjoyed several comforting chats with her, she really knows her stuff. I am now approaching my last few weeks of pregnancy and I feel great, I am seeing her more and more and feeling the full benefits of her treatments. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
S Reynolds (N London)


“Those needles and what Fiona does with them are magic. I go in with pain and come out pain free.”
M McFarlane (N London)


“I contacted Fiona at a time when I was desperate for help. I’d been diagnosed with a chronic illness that left me feeling very ill, depressed and anxious. Following a very relaxed consultation I visited Fiona regularly for acupuncture and found the sessions incredibly beneficial. I noticed improvements in my symptoms – the first in years, and also found I gained a great sense of clarity that allowed me to make significant, life changing decisions with confidence. I am now happier and healthier than I’ve been in years and this is, in no small part, down to Fiona. I cannot thank you enough!”
A Hall (West Country)


Thank you for the little toy for Mia and the gorgeous cream for me.
I know my whole pregnancy was made easier by your input and
I am very grateful for that.
Thank you!”
R Christianson (N London)


Something must have worked, as we had baby this morning! So I won’t need today’s session I’m afraid, please let me know re any cancellation fee.
Kathryn T (N London)


“I have been seeing Fiona on and off for several years and I wouldn’t go to anyone else! She’s very focused and knows my body and ailments so she can sort me out quickly. Fiona has so much knowledge and uses different approaches depending on how I feel when I see her. My sessions make a real difference.”
Cathy D (N London)


“My immune system was very low and I felt run down and exhausted. A close friend highly recommended Fiona. Fiona has worked with me to restore both my energy and my sense of humour. She uses a combination of shiatsu and acupuncture and each treatment seems to give me exactly what I need. I just lie there and soak up the treatment. It’s like being plugged-in. There’s definitely more balance and fun in my life now.”
Kate Cox (NW London)


“I saw Fiona for acupuncture in the 40th week of my first pregnancy. My husband had only 2 weeks leave from the Navy and we were getting anxious. The hospital scheduled an induction for the following Tuesday but I really wanted a natural birth. Fiona really put me at ease and I could feel baby moving after the first treatment. I saw Fiona for a 2nd treatment and my contractions started just over a day later in the early hours of the morning. After my waters broke I started dilating and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl 4 1/2 hours later. The birth was everything I had hoped for and as natural as I hoped it would be.
Eleni I (N London)


“Our son was born on Sunday 18th March on his due date! Labour was quite quick especially for a first time mum. So thanks for everything. I am sure I will be back at the clinic at some point in the near future.
A Cooper (NW London)


“I suffered with occipital neuralgia for over a year and was in a great deal of pain. I am a self employed hair dresser and I was really worried that I would have to give up work. A friend suggested acupuncture. Fiona was an absolute wonder. After the first treatment the pain had halved and I was over the moon! After the fourth treatment the neuralgia had gone. All I have now is aching arms after a long days work but at 74 years of age I think that’s pretty good going. Fiona’s friendly, professional and straight forward manner always puts me at ease. I now have monthly MOT treatments which keep me ticking over. I know I’m in good hands.”
Jane Keithley (N London)


“Thank you Fiona – fantastic treatment. Feeling revived and tuned up.
R Jasani (Limehouse E London)


“I feel that your treatments had a huge impact on my labour. I felt very energetic and everything went so smoothly. I was 8cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital and it was all over in 3 hours. Thank you.”
Karin Zafrani Leigh (N London)

“Just wanted to let you know that the 36 wk scan this morning confirmed that the baby is no longer breech but in the right way. Thank you for your help!”
Yoko H (N London)

“I wanted to write you a big thank you, as for me your acupuncture/moxibustion worked. I felt bit wobbly and dazed the very same day, but the next day I had so much energy and was able to focus which was quite incredible. Havent felt like that for months and still doing pretty good despite the weather. So at some point I shall see you again in the future :)”
Teri V (N London)