UK Toyohari Branch Workshop

Twice a year the UK Branch of the Toyohari society of acupuncture hold workshops for their members in addition to our monthly ‘kozato’ practice sessions. These study days are essential as they provide me with the opportunity to practice, share and learn from other keen acupuncturists. Today I attended the second workshop for this year

The study subject for today was correcting a mistaken treatment which does happen occasionally and we need to be able to quickly recognise and correct this situation within a treatment. We also spent some time discussing the main study subject for 2012 – clarifying the ‘sho’ or pattern. A pattern is determined by many factors including symptoms, the pulse, sound of the voice, palpation of the meridians and ‘hara’ (stomach) etc. Sometimes it can be very difficult diagnosing a pattern because the client may be very weak, or the diagnostic information may be inconsistent. Having a variety of approaches to these situations is essential.

We next meet in September for the yearly European Branch Toyohari workshop which is being held in London and will be attended by some of our highly skilled teachers from the Japanese Branch.

June 30, 2012