“Those needles and what Fiona does with them are magic. I go in with pain and come out pain free.”

My practice of acupuncture aims to provide a relaxing and effective treatment. Gentle needling, warming moxibustion and a safe, comfortable enviornment elicit openness and receptivity to treatment. When our body is relaxed and safe – we can heal. I often incorporate some shiatsu on the back, shoulders and neck to help improve the flow of Ki and Blood in the body. This helps to reduce tension and induce a sense of relaxation and peace.

I welcome the opportunity of working with you no matter what your concern.

musculo-skeletal & pain,
emotional or stress related conditions
immunological disorders
fertility issues or help with pre-conceptual care
support during pregnancy & labour

BAMBOO MOXA  – London, Autumn 2020

Postponed until (hopefully) 2021

From Classical Traditions to Modern Innovations
A series of 3 workshops applying traditional moxa with Bamboo Tubes

Mastering the application of moxa is an essential skill in the practice of Oriental Medicine and bamboo tubes provide an efficient and safe delivery mechanism. This is a unique opportunity to study with three international Moxibustion specialists.

I practice acupuncture as gently and effectively as I can in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I incorporate moxibustion (applying heat to acupoints) and shiatsu to enhance my treatments and create a deeper sense of calm and relaxation....
“The Accomplished person dispels trouble before it arises and restores order to an illness before it has become a disease.” Sun Simiao Vol 27 Nurturing the Heavenly Nature. Although this excerpt dates from the 7th century...
"Those needles and what Fiona does with them are magic. I go in with pain and come out pain free." "Our son was born on Sunday 18th March on his due date! So thanks for everything."